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GPTLog is used for well logging interpretation and geological interpretation for the oilfiled geological staff. Human-computer interaction can be used for logging data pretreatment, logging curves standardization, logging parameter interpretation, stratigraphic classification, sedimentary unit and facies identification , breakpoints interpretation, sandstone interpretation, connecting explanation and other fine geological research. It also provides a lot of application tools , such as the completion geological design, perforation program, the calculation of water flooding and so on. The main aim of GPTLog is to provide efficient, flexible and convenient professional tools for the oilfield geological people, unify the workflow, improve the underlying database. Its core technology is adopted wavelet analysis and fuzzy logic, neural network and genetic algorithm, can automatically do the layer partition, sub-layers connected and contrast, and the facies discrimination.

Main function:



Main feature:
 1、Flexible data processing
GPTLog provides a lot of flexible data processing functions, such as field calculator, logging curves statistical calculation, discrete data transform. The built-in scripting can help user to complete various data processing.
 2、Professional logging interpretation tools
The software provides a series of specialized tools, including logging stitching, smooth, joining logging curves, resampling, square-wave, abnormal data processing, interactive editing, depth correction, environment correction, cross plot analysis, etc. Also it provides the convenience logging interpretation work environment, can interactive achieve lithology, reservoir parameter, oil and water layer identification and interpretation though the procedures and parameter calculator in the system.
 3、Automatic interpretation and interactive interpretation
During the logging interpretation and geological interpretation process, GPTLog provides many automatic interpretation functions, such as wavelet analysis, fuzzy logic, neural network and genetic algorithm, etc. Also you can do this work manually.
 4、Unified workflow
Under the management of the data server, you can effectively complete the data upload and download, also collaboratively achieve well logging interpretation, contrast layered, sandstone explanation, effective division, less dissection, contrast connectivity, micro-phase identification, parameter interpretation, etc.
 5、Automatically contrast to identify the facies
Using many advanced methods such as wavelet analysis, fuzzy logic, neural network and genetic algorithm to complete stratigraphy contract and automatically indentify the facies.
The interpretation results can carry on the expansion application through the scripts, such as completion of geological design, well perforation design, calculation of the water flooding control.
 7、Standardization of the data storage
Directly save the results to the standard database, don’t need t any additional maintenance work, providing the base work for the subsequence mapping, modeling, mathematical model.
 8、Self-made output
According the custom-made template, you can output word, excel, dbf format reports, well logging interpretation achievement chart


Data management
Including the interpretation of well data, well logs, dynamic data and discrete data, supporting data loading, data calculation, coordinate transformation, data inspection, data correction, data browsing and editing, error statistics, the data output function, etc.


Data table
The static and dynamic data sheet is unified in the local database, data types include the location, the production, the sand layer, sandwich, etc, about 19 tables. Each data table field can be modified according to the user"s habit


Data source
Multiple data types can be loaded in the software, and support different coordinates type and projection.
SQL Server


Log data loading
Support various logging data format such as the text, Las, List, 716, LA, WIS and so on, during loading, you can rename and merge logs. Common curve can be defined by a particular paragraph or depth filter curves, and deal with abnormal values according to the null value or fixed value.

Well group management
Selecting a irregular region in the well location map or choosing the well name through the list to create well group. You can choose different group during the log interpretation and geological interpretation.

Data checking, editing and modification
checks on the well location, small layer boundaries, small layer data, unit boundaries, etc. Software automatically corrected according to the setting. All data can be connect with the name easy to browsing, edit and modify.

Data sever
Through the data server, users can upload and download data, share data, do multi-types of collaboration.

Data sever
Through the data server, users can upload and download data, share data, do multi-types of collaboration.

Project management

Interpretation project

Software manage the project like a tree. You can use this control the display content, can easily control the project"s open or closed, through the template to quickly modify what to display.

Well location view

In this view you can create automatically or manually added new well, well group, even well connected functions, etc.

Well location layer and plant view

This layer view can display the current layer well location, and automatically extracting sedimentary facies to generate facies map. The plant view can read GMP formats for the complement information during the interpretation and comparison.
Well logging interpretation

1、Curves pretreatment

Software provides a powerful curve preprocessing module, the abnormal curve cutoff, SP drift, depth correction, stretch compression, smoothing, resampling, square wave, curve stitching and curve calculation preprocessing operation, easy to operat.
Log data editing: view, filter, amplitude the exception or system error, can handle abnormal value curve, square wave, smoothing, translation and other operations;
curve depth correction: all or part of the curve can be move up and down, also tense and compress the given section of the curve
Curve stitching: the software can achieve curves stitching, you can do this automatically or manually.

2、Logging curves standardization
the software provides two methods:the histogram shifting and trend surface. The  standardized data can be used for the reservior explain.

3、Relationship between the four properties

The four reservoir properties relations is the basis of well log interpretation, the software provides the well depth correction, core position, cross plot functions. Using these we can research relationship between the reservoir lithology, physical properties, electrical and oiliness.

Core position
You can automatically or manually achieve the core position, matching the core description and the curve depth to make sure the move distance.

Cross plot analysis
The cross plot is the common method when establishing the four properties research model. The software can draw various cross plot, scatter map, fitting drawings and oil distribution plant.

4、The well logging interpretation environment
Logging interpretation system is mainly based on the established model to automatically process the log data to resolve the stratigraphic division, oil and gas reservoir evaluation.
Lithology interpretation
According to the cross plot, we can use the built-in scripts and calculators automatically to interpretate the lithology, simultaneous save them to the software as the curve or section data.
Reservoir parameter interpretation
Using the standard and classic formula, you can adjust the parameter according the regional situation, meet the actual situation.

OGW interpretation

Users can through testing for oil, core data to establish oil-water identification charts to get the OGW electrical and physical properties cutoff.


Stratigraphic contrast

Built the contrast profile
Establish the cross-well profile in the well location map, provide fast and flexible way of well selection, conveniently remove or add well.

Stratigraphic contrast
According to the layer system, divide oil layer, small layer and unit. Compared to the traditional work habits, reduce the labor intensity, improve work efficiency.
five layer system
Auto Contrast (three ways
Interactive Contrast
Automatic splitting of sandstone

Breakpoints interpretation

According to the curves contrast, mark the location of the breakpoint in the absence position. Breakpoint data will be automatically saved in the breakpoint table.

Multi-layer levels
Through the layer level function user can easily understand the hierarchical comparison situation between wells, filled with variable density curve can be more efficient use for system level comparison work.

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